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Ways to be Successful when taking a math course By Christopher E. Powell 1. Reading is fundamental, even in mathematics. The single most important thing you can do when wanting to have success in a mathematics class is to read your textbook. Each you know who your instructor or teacher READ MORE »

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The Qualities Of An Online College Algebra Tutor When a college algebra student approaches an online math tutor for help, it is often because the student has already felt some frustration with the subject. Because of this it is important that a college algebra tutorial meets certain standards and can READ MORE »

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Abandoning Algebra Is Not the Answer By Evelyn Lamb     In an opinion piece for the New York Times on Sunday, political science professor Andrew Hacker asks, “Is Algebra Necessary?” and answers, “No.” It’s not just algebra: geometry and calculus are on the chopping block, too. It’s not that READ MORE »

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Algebra and Geometry Tutoring This Summer By:  ART MEISLER Get Ahead to STAY Ahead in Algebra & Geometry During middle and high school, some students, facing brand new and unfamiliar concepts in Algebra and Geometry, can quickly fall behind at the start of a new year.  With careful planning and pre-emptive strategies over READ MORE »

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