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The pre-requisite for success in GED math test is the understanding of basics. Regular practice in the subject helps one master its nuances, which includes signs, symbols, graphs, shapes and showing patterns. So, first focus on:

1. Mental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
2. Estimation and the order of operations
3. Understanding percents, ratios, fractions, decimals and interest
4. Solving word problems

This basic knowledge can facilitate your understanding of the difficult portions, such as data, measurement, geometry and algebra. While data and measurement requires you to learn units of measurement, metric of measurement, measuring different shapes, finding average numbers and probability, algebra comprises working with integers, variables, exponents and roots, among others. So, how do you learn such complicated topics? Here are some tips to aid your learning and preparation:

1. Understand the concepts rather than memorize them. Also, assess the reasons for solving a problem in a certain way. State these reasons and note down any unsolved or incomprehensible questions that you may have.
2. Be consistent with practice. Lack of practice leads you to forget things; hence, for quicker recall and sharper memory practice regularly.

Mathematics requires complete concentration, accuracy, attention to details and taking it slow; for rushing leads to errors and totally wrong answers. Also, while concentration on details may slow you down at first, the speed and accuracy will increase with practice. So, the key to passing math is seeking the right guidance and practice. Armed with these keys, you are sure to crack your math exams with expert guidance from online study programs.



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  • I need help with math and Science math samples x2-y-xy6-2= Have problems of Concentration and need to pass my Ged test..!

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