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The Top Benefits of Private Tutoring For the majority of parents the idea of private tutoring appears to be nothing other than an added expense on top of school and extra mural activities. Why then, are so many turning to the use of a private tutor? The answer is simple: READ MORE »

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How Do Nurses Use Math in Their Jobs?                                                                             by J. Lucy Boyd READ MORE »

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Questions to Ask a New Tutor Hiring a new tutor for your child can be complicated and challenging. It’s important to find a qualified tutor who is a good fit in terms of teaching style and personal connection. There are so many issues to consider that it can be easy READ MORE »

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How to Choose a Private Tutor for Your Child By: Prime Sarmiento Prime Sarmiento is an award winning journalist and career/life coach who helps women craft their own journeys, release their fears and follow their soul’s calling via Full Bio A tutor can help in improving your child’s academic standing, READ MORE »

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