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Why is algebra important? Becoming an algebra expert opens the doors to some of today’s most trendy (and well-paid) careers. From computer science to medicine, algebra serves as a foundational skill. Understanding algebra also puts students on track for college success, no matter what major they choose. Here’s how you READ MORE »

West Hills Math Tutor – In Home and Online – Computer Repair

Characteristics of Successful Tutors Are on time and prepared. Are friendly and acknowledge students (by name if possible) when they arrive. Encourage the student to develop good examples/discover examples provided in the text. Let the tutee do the work. Ask leading questions to help students learn and understand the material. READ MORE »

West Hills Math Tutor – In Home and Online – Computer Repair

  The Pros and Cons of Taking Summer Classes Considering if summer classes are right for you? Then it’s time to figure it out by looking at both sides of the issue. There are both pros and cons to this decision that should be weighed carefully. Some factors might even READ MORE »

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Derivation Take a look at a function f(x)=x. First derivative of this function is f'(x) = 1. Why? Because the first derivative represents a slope of the tangent line of the given function and f(x)=x is a straight line. What happens with a function f(x)=x^2? Its first derivative is f'(x)=2x. READ MORE »

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