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Logic Terms Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist in the 1940s who drew crazy inventions to do very simple things. The invention below has a series of smaller tasks that leads to the machine wiping the man’s face with a napkin. Write a series of if-then statements to that would caption READ MORE »

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HOW TO CHOOSE A MATH TUTOR FOR YOUR CHILD JOAN GEYER KALIHER If you’re reading this article, your son or daughter probably could use some help in math. You are not alone. Many students find it hard to do well in math. Sure, some also excel at mathematics, but everyone READ MORE »

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 Successfully Tutoring Your Own Children Math This is a guest post by Bon Crowder from Math is Not a Four Letter Word   Are you thinking about tutoring your own children? Are you hesitant? The toughest thing about giving instruction to a family member is how close you are to READ MORE »

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Tutoring Center vs. Private Tutor: Which Is Best for Your Child?  by Tiffany Smith Pick the perfect tutoring option for your child with this helpful list. While the decision whether to seek supplementary tutoring for your child can be a daunting one, there are still many choices following that decision, namely in whether READ MORE »

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