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How a Math Tutor Prepares Your Student for Middle School

Hiring a math tutor can be essential to future math success if your student needs a boost to completely master a topic. And, if they’ve began to fall behind, you have the opportunity to remedy this quickly so your student stays on track for their middle school classes

Tutors provide a wide array of benefits to students. An increase in math skills is, of course, the primary goal. However, working with a tutor will also provide your student with new critical thinking skills and experiences that can benefit them in other areas.

Here are some of the benefits a math tutor provides:


One-on-One Learning in a Comfortable Environment

A math tutor is a great resource for your student to ask for clarification and get help in a specific area, taking as long as is necessary for them to feel comfortable with the concept in question.

Tutors are not working with multiple students at once or sticking to a specific, one-size-fits-all curriculum. Instead, your child’s math tutor can work with your student one-on-one at their pace, customizing the lessons to best fit their needs.

Plus, all those budding mathletes can also work ahead when they feel comfortable with a concept.

Another benefit of one-on-one learning is simply getting out of a classroom setting where your child needs to compete with other students to get attention from the teacher.

We’re sure you know that the classroom can be full of distractions. While this can be great to help young children build interpersonal skills in a social setting, this is not always the ideal place to learn difficult math concepts.

While tutoring provides a more focused setting, selecting an online tutoring program takes this even further.

Online math tutoring is not dependent on a specific location – you set your schedule and don’t have to factor in any travel time to a tutoring center or after-school program. Your student can learn while sitting at the kitchen table, in their room or in whatever environment they are most comfortable in.


Regular Feedback and Access

Your student most likely only has direct access to their math teacher during class. While this provides immediate value, some students are too to shy ask questions during class time, while others simply may not know the right questions to ask to help them with their math problem.

A math tutor is more in tune with your child and can often help them before they even need to ask a question. Plus, having an entire tutoring session to themselves gives your student more time and freedom to ask questions and receive dedicated help.

But, similar to an in-classroom teacher, most in-person math tutors are typically only available to your student during sessions.

Using Thinkster Math, you and your student will have regular access to your dedicated tutor and a personalized curriculum. We provide unlimited math worksheets for additional practice, video tutorials for assistance and daily feedback on completed math worksheets.

And, there’s no waiting until the next tutoring session – your student can learn on his/her schedule.

When it comes to checking in on your student’s progress, our online tutoring program stands out there as well. Instead of juggling parent-teacher meetings with your busy schedule, you can simply email or text your child’s tutor. If you just need a quick update, you can check the Parent App dashboard at any time.


Homework Help and Test Preparation

As a parent, you may find that you’re not able to help your student with math homework or an upcoming test, especially as they advance to their middle school courses and the concepts become more difficult.

A math tutor can help take the pressure off parents because you know you have a qualified and experienced resource available to help.


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B. A. Operations Research & Statistics, California State University, Long Beach, Teaching Assistant undergraduate Mathematics. B.S. Mathematics, California State University, Long Beach. Mathematics University of California, Irvine, Teaching Assistant undergraduate Mathematics. Completed course work for MS Degree with 4.0 GPA. M.S. Mathematics, Kingsbridge University. Transcript available upon request. 1988-Present: Mathematics tutoring--One on one tutoring for SES students through YP institute and Academic advantage. Tutored students with low learning skills as well as very bright students. Tutored groups of four students in math classes from basic mathematics through calculus. Mathematics teaching for EFN, Inc., a private school.

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