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Algebra and Geometry Tutoring This Summer


Get Ahead to STAY Ahead in Algebra & Geometry

During middle and high school, some students, facing brand

new and unfamiliar concepts in Algebra and Geometry, can quickly fall behind at the start of a new year.  With careful planning and pre-emptive strategies over the summer, parents can give their kids a jump-start so that they can approach these new subjects with confidence.   Staying one or two steps ahead of the class is critical.

A typical Algebra I class, for example will have students learn the fundamentals of real numbers, basic algebraic expressions and solving linear equations in the first few weeks of September.   For the student who routinely struggles with math, imagine what those first few weeks would like if he already knew these topics before the teacher even started instruction.   For one, class time would essentially be review time, positioning the student to perform well on the first quizzes or chapter tests.  Further, with external help in September, the student could be getting prepared for the next units in Algebra – graphing relations/functions and solving linear inequalities.

Likewise, for Geometry students, mastering the early lessons of  points, lines planes and angles before school even starts will make the start of school that much easier, setting them up to succeed on the next units of reasoning & proofs and parallel/perpendicular lines.

Start in August

Parents should think of math as a building — like the well constructed building, math competency requires a solid foundation and solid skills (bricks) that are layered one on top of the other.  By staying ahead of the game, you can help your student construct of a solid structure of Algebra and Math competency.   This year, try something different – enroll your child in a summer class, or sign him up for some Algebra or Geometry tutoring sessions in August – just in time to hit the ground running in September.


Stuart Raffeld

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