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The Advantage of a MathTutor 


An individual tutor is better able to apprehend what comprehension level a student possesses than a classroom teacher with 25-plus teenagers. The key to this advantage is that the student is isolated from the rest of the herd. With this separation, the child’s van Hiele level is more easily discerned. The tutor can test the tutee’s abilities in recognition, comparison and definition, thereby avoiding the cookie-cutter approach that so often dominates high school mathematics curricula. In addition, private tutoring gives the student the chance to make mistakes without academic penalty, and uses those errors as instructive moments.

There is a more personal, but crucial, benefit to geometry tutoring: the removal of immediate competition. For better or worse, students learn at differing tempos. When a struggling student sees peers mastering the subject matter, this experience can—as often as not—induce dejection and despondency, both toxic to effective learning. With one-on-one learning, this inhibiting phenomenon is neutralized, allowing the student to focus on the problems at hand. Obviously, a classroom teacher cannot adequately measure the emotional state of each student and will often miss this integral factor in their educational progress.

 What Makes a Good Geometry Tutor?

First and foremost, a tutor’s goal should be to create an independent learner. While tutoring can be w rewarding business both professionally and financially, it should not be long-term academic hand-holding. A good geometry tutor aims to wean the student from private instruction once the appropriate competencies are achieved. In order to accomplish this task, the tutor must be thoroughly versed in each and every geometric concept, ideally having a college degree in math or science. He or she should be able to simplify difficult concepts in geometry by breaking them down into manageable components. Personal skills should include empathy with the student and complete honesty with parents. Patience and humor are also essential traits.

Beyond academic and character qualifications, however, should be a demonstrated track record of success. Although results need not be immediate, steady improvement in grades, standardized test scores and classroom performance should be confirmed by the tutor’s past clients. A portfolio of success stories should be carried by every geometry tutor, including college acceptances and academic honors of clients. Ultimately, results speak louder than resumes and interviews. Without a proven track record, a tutor can offer only promises


Stuart Raffeld

B. A. Operations Research & Statistics, California State University, Long Beach, Teaching Assistant undergraduate Mathematics. B.S. Mathematics, California State University, Long Beach. Mathematics University of California, Irvine, Teaching Assistant undergraduate Mathematics. Completed course work for MS Degree with 4.0 GPA. M.S. Mathematics, Kingsbridge University. Transcript available upon request. 1988-Present: Mathematics tutoring--One on one tutoring for SES students through YP institute and Academic advantage. Tutored students with low learning skills as well as very bright students. Tutored groups of four students in math classes from basic mathematics through calculus. Mathematics teaching for EFN, Inc., a private school.

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