In-Home & On-line Tutoring

…and Math Tutoring offers in-home and on-line tutoring for Math, English, and Computers. Other subjects are available, so please ask.

For in-home tutoring …and Math Tutoring serves the Oceanside, CA area (for a list of specific areas, see the box at the bottom of this or any page). Space for in-home tutoring can sometimes be limited, so if you’re thinking about a tutor, please read the notice about appointment times.

on-line tutoring

On-line tutoring requires only a working computer and an Internet connection. So, it doesn’t matter where you live, …and Math Tutoring can help. We’ve put a little more information on on-line tutoring here.


If you homeschool your child(ren), …and Math Tutoring can assist! There’s no reason you have to do it all on your own. Some background information on how homeschooling and tutoring works hand-in-hand can be found here.