On-line Tutoring

How On-line Tutoring Works

How does on-line tutoring work? It’s really easy since you only need a computer and an Internet connection. Tutor and student connect to an on-line meeting (via free software) where they can both see a “whiteboard” at the same time. Talking over the phone, the tutor can instruct and demonstrate simultaneously. And the student can “take over” the whiteboard and work through a problem to show what they’ve learned. (A web cam can also be used for video chat between the on-line tutor and student, but isn’t at all necessary.)

Why Students Need On-line Tutors

Apart from online tutoring, students also receive an advantage by getting assistance for their research with on-line tutors. Other benefits of on-line tutoring services consist of one-to-one assistance, as an on-line tutor can focus on you alone. On-line tutoring is affordable compared to traditional tutoring. And time for on-line tutoring can be very flexible, as students may be able to find an on-line tutor 24 hours a day. For a more in depth account of on-line tutoring, specifically structured for math students, please contact …and Math Tutoring.