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Math Tutors – Online & In Home – GED Math Test: Preparation Tips

The pre-requisite for success in GED math test is the understanding of basics. Regular practice in the subject helps one master its nuances, which includes signs, symbols, graphs, shapes and showing patterns. So, first focus on: 1. Mental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division 2. Estimation and the order of operations READ MORE »

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Math Tutors – Online & In Home – Precalculus Tips

Get a Graphing Calculator Graphing calculator  First, you will need to get the proper supplies for precalculus, including pencils, a ruler, notebook paper, graph paper and, most importantly, a graphing calculator. A graphing calculator is a handheld calculator that plots graphs, solves equations and performs many other tasks with variables. READ MORE »

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Math Tutor – Online and In Home – Must know math tips and guidelines on exponents and logarithms

A number raised to the 0th power is 1 not 0!!! Exponent and logarithmic operations: Know when to add and subtract exponents. Must have the same base. Make sure to “distribute” the exponent to every term in side the parenthesis. This is only true if there is only multiplication or READ MORE »

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Math Tutor – Online and In Home – Math Help: Order of Operations

Students are learning to solve complicated algebra equations at a much earlier age than they did years ago. Unfortunately, for many parents, algebra class was a long time ago, making it hard to provide math help in solving those long equations. The most important thing to remember is the order READ MORE »

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