Tanja F.

“This recommendation is in reference to Stuart Raffeld and his tutoring proficiency. My twenty-two-year-old nephew, Skye, has faced many challenges over the years and dropped out of school. In March of this year he took his GED and passed all sections, except the math. He was having trouble comprehending math and had very few math skills. I was put in connection with Stuart. Stuart worked with Skye for six weeks (two hours per week) and I am pleased to say that Skye took the math portion of the GED in April and passed this time. Stuart provided Skye with individual attention that helped him understand the math more than he did prior to the tutoring sessions. Stuart is very patient and knowledgeable in the subject which he tutored Skye. I am extremely pleased with the quality of his tutoring services. The money spent for the tutoring sessions has been a beneficial investment for my nephew. I highly recommend Stuart Raffeld as a private tutor.”

About Stuart Raffeld

B. A. Operations Research & Statistics, California State University, Long Beach, Teaching Assistant undergraduate Mathematics. B.S. Mathematics, California State University, Long Beach. Mathematics University of California, Irvine, Teaching Assistant undergraduate Mathematics. Completed course work for MS Degree with 4.0 GPA. M.S. Mathematics, Kingsbridge University. Transcript available upon request. 1988-Present: Mathematics tutoring--One on one tutoring for SES students through YP institute and Academic advantage. Tutored students with low learning skills as well as very bright students. Tutored groups of four students in math classes from basic mathematics through calculus. Mathematics teaching for EFN, Inc., a private school.