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Why Do Students Struggle in Geometry? By Anton Lebedev   Some students have difficulties in mathematics in general. They find it difficult to comprehend the materials in most mathematics courses. However, more students appear to struggle in Geometry than in any other mathematics course. The reason is because Geometry is fundamentally READ MORE »

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Basics of the Equation The diagram on the right shows a basic equation. This equation is similar to problems which you may have done in ordinary mathematics such as: __ + 16 = 30 You could easily guess that __ equals 14 or do 30 – 16 to find that READ MORE »

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 The Mathematics of arithmetical operations As long as algebra is taught in school, there will be prayer in school. This brainy quote was said by Cokie Roberts, by which we came to know about the terror of Algebra in the students. The word “mathematics” comes from the Greek word mathema, READ MORE »

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What Makes a Successful Tutor? Several things become apparent after tutoring for 20 years. For one, the number of students working with tutors continues to grow. Two, working 1:1 with students is immensely gratifying, both for the tutor and tutee. And three, a few specific yet generalized characteristics become crystalized READ MORE »

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